Orange Blossom Special - From Seed to Blossom

I grew up on a large farm on the beautiful Central Coast of California. One of the many fun features of ranch life was my families' small farming endeavors. We had acres of orange trees and from those trees we were able to help produce a stellar local honey. The bees thrived off of the orange trees and in return produced the most delicious honey you could ever imagine.
The label we used for our special honey was none other than "Orange Blossom Special". My father being a huge Johnny Cash fan came up with the label rather quickly and today we are honored to keep the label and family name going! That's also where the OBS tagline originates from. "From Seed to Blossom". Which represents the entire journey of your little ones life from conception , seed, to a young adult, or blossoming child, much like an orange tree. I want to instill the same handmade touch and feel to this business, from which I inherited from the hard work and dedication that ranch life taught me. With the good family morals and hard work I learned what it means to produce a well crafted product and the joy it brings to share with others. I am honored to bring handmade items to families all over the world. The handmade process truly is a family effort and am thankful for my families support. The journey of creating has been so rewarding to my family and myself and I can't wait to see what the future holds for our small business.

All packages are made with durability and care! I try to get them out in a fast manner and to you, our customer, in a successful and dependable way. I do offer gift wrap and personal messages on cards, tags, bags, etc... this offer is free of charge to help make your gift giving that much more enjoyable!

I am a true believer in buying local and supporting businesses in our area! If you would like to do a collaboration please let us know!

I do custom orders upon request and love to do creative new exciting projects! Please message me with an inquiries you may have!

I do enjoy staying connected with my customers and fellow businesses! You can find me through Instagram, @orangeblossomspecial805. There I will give updates on sales, coupons, and any fun giveaways I may offer. Please do NOT hesitate to share photos of you and your favorite OBS pieces using the hashtag #orangeblossomspecial805. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing happy customers with their cool new threads!